Elements of the Pastoral: They’re Everywhere!

How now, rustics! Wither are you bound?

It occurred to me about five minutes ago that you read a fair amount of pastoral literature last year, but we weren’t really thinking about it then. What about Act 4 of ‘The Winter’s Tale’, for example? (You studied it for LITB2 Dramatic Genres.) Or some of those Thomas Hardy poems? And then earlier this year, when we were considering metaphor for LITB4, we looked at Keats’ ‘Ode to Autumn’. Remember?

I mean to say. They’re positively pastoral. I suggest you dig them out and have another read. You never know, you might discover some ‘elements’ lurking about.


The Winter’s Tale: Essay Titles


Here is the link to the essay titles on ‘The Winter’s Tale’. If you have an idea for an essay that you would like to write and it’s not on the list, come and discuss it with me.

LITB2 essay titles

It also has some critical opinions, that should inspire you with your planning.

All the best,

Ms. North

The Winter’s Tale: Act 2 scene 3


Here is the PPT from today’s lesson on Act 2 scene 3.

Act 2 scene 3

Please answer all the questions and hand in on Tuesday, 1st November.

You should definitely use the half-term break to do some wider reading. I would suggest ‘Othello’ as an excellent starting point, but any Shakespearean tragedy will do.

Also, I believe ‘Hamlet’ is on at the Young Vic (Waterloo).

Go and see it.

Have a great half term!

Ms North