An Inspector Calls: Writing an Empathic Response


Here is the PPT on this, from today’s lesson.

How to write an empathic response


Ms. North


The Winter’s Tale: Act 4 scene 1


Here is the PPT from today’s lesson:

Act 4 scene 1

Homework for Thursday:

Answer all questions on Time (see PPT);

Write about the ways in which A4S2 establishes some of the conventions of a Shakespearean comedy.

You should spend a minimum of half an hour on each task.

Take your TIME with it, make sure you don’t run out of TIME, etc. etc. 

Ms North

The Winter’s Tale: Act 2 scene 3


Here is the PPT from today’s lesson on Act 2 scene 3.

Act 2 scene 3

Please answer all the questions and hand in on Tuesday, 1st November.

You should definitely use the half-term break to do some wider reading. I would suggest ‘Othello’ as an excellent starting point, but any Shakespearean tragedy will do.

Also, I believe ‘Hamlet’ is on at the Young Vic (Waterloo).

Go and see it.

Have a great half term!

Ms North