The Ghost of Christmas Past

Re-read the summary you wrote for your homework. Then answer the questions below. Use full sentences and include short quotations from the book.

1. Write down three things that happen in this part of the story.
2. How would you describe Scrooge in this part? Write down three adjectives to describe him, giving an explanation for each one.
3. Why do you think the Ghost of Christmas Past shows Scrooge this particular moment from his past?
4. Describe Scrooge’s reaction as he watches the events unfold. What effect do they have on him?
5. The Ghost of Christmas Past has a bright light shining from its head. Why do you think this is?
6. Write down three other things about the Ghost of Christmas Past. Add your thoughts on what they might mean.


Dickens: ‘Too hard’ for you?

The Schools minister, Nick Gibb, thinks that you all (yes, you too, year 7) should have read a Dickens novel by the age of 11. (I wonder if he counts ‘A Christmas Carol’…)

Claire Tomalin, however, who wrote Charles Dickens: A Life, thinks your attention spans are all too short, because of those ‘dreadful TV programmes’ you watch.

Every pupil should read Dickens

What do you think? Is watching ‘Take Me Out’ every Saturday weakening your academic capabilities? Could you manage ‘Our Mutual Friend’ this half term, or are you too busy watching ‘Home and Away’?

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