Homework for A2 English Literature: Brideshead Revisited (Section A)

Here is another one of those essay things for you to do.

“‘Brideshead Revisited’ is a novel about death: its inevitability, its finality, and, ultimately, the ways in which we seek to escape it.”

To what extent do you agree with this view of the novel?

In my inbox by 8:30 on Monday morning, please, if you want me to mark it in the bucolic pastoral idyll that is East Grinstead.


Brideshead Revisited: Key Quotations

It strikes me that these are all over the place, and not the most accessible of things. Apologies. Below are links to the lot:

Book 1 Chapter 2

Book 1 Chapter 2

Book 1 Chapter 3

Book 1 Chapter 4

Book 1 Chapter 5

Book 2 Chapter 1

Book 2 Chapter 3

Book 3 Chapter 1

Book 3 Chapter 2

Book 3 Chapter 3

Book 3 Chapter 4

Book 3 Chapter 5



Will the ‘real’ Aloysius please stand up? TAKE TWO

Having counted all 6 of the votes, I am afraid we are yet to find our man. Bear.

But I know he’s out there somewhere. Thus:


You have until midnight on Friday (2nd March) to upload a picture of your proposed bear, in the comment box below.

For legal reasons, he (she?) will require a National Insurance Number and a valid work permit. Fluency in the English language is essential; no previous acting experience required.