It’s a start…

Dear Year 10,

Here is the start to our past exam question on Calpurnia:

How is the character of Calpurnia important to the novel as a whole?

Calpurnia is important to the novel as a whole for a variety of reasons. Lee uses her to add detail and depth to the novel’s main themes, such as (in)justice, family, equality and personal change. Furthermore, she is used as a representative of the black community in a Southern town in 1930s Alabama. Like Atticus, Calpurnia is used by Lee as a mouthpiece through which she expresses moral and ethical views.

Firstly, Calpurnia plays a significant part in Lee’s exploration of the theme of injustice. Whenever she has to discipline Scout, she does so in a way which is appropriate and fair. For example…

Over to you!