Three LITB4 essays, just for fun.

They’re also for half-term homework. But for fun, too.

Complete at least TWO of the following essays by Tuesday 4th November. Click on the title of the poem for a link to the text.

1. ‘Goblin Market depicts the triumph of its protagonists over the capitalist market. It is a paean to consumer power.’ To what extent do you agree with this interpretation of the poem?

2. ‘It is with the male partner that power resides within price relationships, and therefore in society at large.’ To what extent is this the case in D. H. Lawrence’s Last Words to Miriam?

3. ‘Carol Ann Duffy’s use of metaphor in Valentine presents love as a uniquely destructive force.’ How far do you consider this interpretation of the poem to be true?


Sixth Form: Brilliant online resources to improve your spelling, grammar and punctuation!

From the clever people at the University of Bristol.

(See – it’s not just you lot that can’t tell your colons from your semi-colons…)


Planning on taking English Literature for A level?

We’re going to be studying Much Ado About Nothing, which just happens to be out in cinemas later this month. You should go and see it.

Click here to watch the trailer.


Also, given that you will be exploring other comedies by Shakespeare, a trip to one of these would also be well worth your time. They come highly recommended!