What do you think and feel?

Dear Year 11,

Here is an example of how to answer the ‘What are your thoughts and feelings?’ questions in the Component 2 exam.

What do you think and feel about Mr. Heritage writing to Mr. Halmer instead of Henry? (10)

I think that Henry would expect a reply from his father, which makes me feel sympathy for him.  In his letter he says ‘I hope, my dear Father, you will write me a Letter as soon as you receive this’. The tone of voice is somewhat desperate; the phrase ‘as soon as’ creates a sense of urgency. Presumably, Henry will not be receiving a letter from his father ‘as soon as’ he receives it, as he will be waiting for a reply from Mr. Halmer before responding. We also know however, from Henry’s letter, that Mr. Halmer is a trusted friend of the family: ‘or write to my good Friend Mr. Halmer, who is very kind to me’. This makes me feel that Mr. Heritage’s decision to write to Mr. Halmer is a thoughtful one; he has chosen someone that Henry trusts and respects and makes this point at the end of his letter: ‘I know you have been very kind to the Boys.’  He could, after all, have written to the school directly. Instead he chooses someone that Henry trusts and likes, and conveniently lives close to the school and knows it well. In this respect, I feel his decision is a sensible one.

I also feel that Mr. Heritage’s concern and love for his children is clear from his letter. He says ‘We all have a great desire to see [Henry]’. The word ‘great’ intensifies his emotion here. Similarly, his comment that ‘George is a great favourite with us all’ implies affection for the ‘other’ brother. And his concern for George’s welfare is clear in his comment that he is ‘not so able to endure ill treatment as Henry’.


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