Year 11 Homework


Your homework is to watch the ‘Shakespeare Unlocked’ clip on Act 3 scene 5 at:

Annotate your copies of the play on pages 133-135 using the ideas from the clip.

This is due on Thursday.



AQA Spec B: Integrating AO1 and AO2

When you first begin to use critical theories such as Marxism in your essays, AO2 can easily be forgotten. You are having SUCH a nice time considering all the ways in which Marxist theory can be used to interpret a text, that you forget all about caesura and assonance.

The following extract is from ‘Eveline’, a short story from James Joyce’s brilliant Dubliners.

One time there used to be a field there in which they used to play every evening with other people’s children. Then a man from Belfast bought the field and built houses in it – not like their little brown houses but bright brick houses with shining roofs.


Here is an example of how you could comment on this paragraph using both interpretation (AO1) and analysis (AO2):


Here , the field, suggestive of a natural state of communal existence and the freedom to play / rest after the day’s labours, is ‘bought’ and ‘bright brick’ houses are ‘built’ on it by ‘a man from Belfast’. What was once the setting for human interaction and creativity is sacrificed at the altar of Capitalism. The use of the indefinite article serves to keep the ‘man’ anonymous; he represents the landowning class (or bourgeoisie) and his coming from Belfast – centre of industry and commerce – further emphasises this. The alliteration of b sounds creates a harsh effect, hinting at the heartlessness and lack of remorse for his actions.


Have a go at writing a paragraph like the one above from other extracts from ‘Eveline’.


Year 11: Romeo and Juliet

Hello Year 11!

Here is the link to the audio version of Romeo and Juliet that we are listening to in class. You can (should, will, must…) use this to revise the play so far and get ahead of the game by listening to what’s coming up.

R&J audio

Also, for those of you who missed the end of the lesson due to theatre trips, etc., click on the link below for help with questions 1 and 2 on Friar Lawrence.



Questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 8 and 9 should be completed by Monday.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs B