English and Things returns!

The more observant follower may have noticed that, tragically, my last post on English and Things was over a whole year ago, back in April 2015. This is on account of my having taken leave of my teaching (but not my senses) whilst being on maternity leave. I now have a baby, as well as a blog.

This post marks the return of English and Things, following this wonderful, momentous event.

I am back.

During my absence the entire contents of the English curriculum at GCSE and A level appear to have changed, because that is how education works in this country. Therefore, if you’re studying GCSE or A Level English then many of the resources on this blog (the result of hours of painstaking work on my part) will no longer be entirely, or even partly, relevant. (They may be in another decade or so though, so if it’s 2026 you may well be in luck.)

Click on the new categories –ย New GCSE English Language (WJEC),ย New GCSE English Literature (WJEC), and New A Level English Literature (AQA Spec B)to find Resources for your Courses. (Somebody should make a website under that name. Me, probably.)

See you soon.