Year 8: Wasp in a Room


Here is the poem we looked at this morning:

Wasp in a Room

Chase me, follow me round the room, knock over
Chairs and tables, bruise knees, spill books. High
I am then. If you climb up to me I go
Down. I have ways of detecting your least
Movements. I have radar you did not
Invent. You are afraid of me, I can
Sting hard. Ah but watch me bask in
The, to you, unbearable sun. I sport with it, am
Its jester and also its herald. Fetch a
Fly whisk. I scorn such. You must invent stings
For yourself or else leave alone, small flying,
Buzzing tiger who have made a jungle out of the room
you thought safe,
Secure from all hurts and prying.

Elizabeth Jennings

The questions to complete for homework are:

1. Who is speaking in this poem and how do you know?

2. What happens in this poem?

3. What do you think are the themes (ideas) that the poet wants us to think about?

Due: Thursday 12th March