The Kite Runner – Some Big Questions

English and Things

**SPOILER ALERT**Do not read on if you are yet to finish reading the novel!

A summary of our discussion in today’s lesson:

Do you think Amir ever redeems himself?

In many ways, The Kite Runner could be classified as a bildungsroman – a novel that charts the journey of Amir from childhood to adulthood, and explores the emotional and physical aspects of this journey towards maturity.

Is Amir at the end of his journey at the end of the novel? In many ways, the end is a new beginning. A beginning for Sohrab, as well as for Amir. He hasn’t reached the end of his journey. Has he redeemed himself? Or has he just begun the process of redemption? Perhaps his adoption of Sohrab the beginning of a lifetime of redemption…

The last sentence is interesting in this respect: ‘I ran’. Here, Amir seems to be adopting a new…

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