Year 10 Homework: What Has Happened to Lulu?

Hello! Your homework for Friday, 6th February is:

In what ways does ‘What has Happened to Lulu?’ connect to some of the other poems in the Anthology? Choose TWO other poems, ONE of which should be ‘Cousin Kate’ or ‘Sweet 18’.

Here is a start, just to get you going…

‘What has Happened to Lulu?’ shares the theme of the end of childhood with several other poems, such as ‘Cousin Kate’. Like Rossetti, Causley writes a ballad (a poem that tells a story) about a young girl who leaves her childhood behind – literally and emotionally. ‘Cousin Kate’ gives a lot more details than ‘Lulu’ – for example, we know who the narrator runs away with and what happens next. In contrast, Causley’s poem is more ambiguous, giving us clues about what has happened but leaving a lot of unanswered questions.



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