Robert Frost: Introductory Materials

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Click on the links below for some introductory materials all about Robert Frost.

Robert Frost – A Life

Frost and Contexts

Also, if you’re not sure which poems we’re going to be looking at, I tweeted quotations from them yesterday. See below or follow English and Things on Twitter…

Robert Frost I love it when he smiles.

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Dolphus Raymond: In what ways is he important to the novel as a whole?

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I very much enjoyed our discussion about Dolphus Raymond yesterday. Here is a summary of some of the brilliant and thought-provoking points that you made:

  1. Setting – By choosing to ‘live a lie’ (by pretending to be an alcoholic), the reader becomes aware of the extremes that people are willing to go to in order to survive in the small-minded, gossiping community of Maycomb. Dolphus Raymond is prepared to alienate himself from the white community by pretending to be ‘unacceptable’. His behaviour is, no doubt, frowned upon by the puritanical and self-righteous members of Maycomb’s religious community, and he is mis-judged, on a daily basis. Yet he is willing to put up with this because he feels it is better than attempting to explain his lifestyle to people who would not understand. This really alerts us to just how small-minded the community of Maycomb is.
  2. Character – In some ways, Dolphus Raymond…

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Some tips for Exploring Quotations: RSPCA

Dear Year 11,

It just occurred to me that you may well find it helpful to have a list of questions to ask of a quotation – to help you with the ‘Exploring’ bits of your essays. Use ‘RSPCA’ to remember how to do this:

R – Does this quotation remind you of something written previously in the text? In what ways is it similar? In what ways is it different? Does this quotation remind you of something that occurs later on in the text? In what ways is it similar? In what ways is it different?

S – Is the writer using any of the five senses (or any other literary device) in this quotation? What and how and why?

P – Does this quotation conjure up a picture or image in your mind? Which word(s), in particular, are doing the conjuring?

C – How is the sentence constructed? Do any words stand out? Why Do you think this is?

A – What alternative word(s) could the writer have used? What would the effect have been? Why do you think s/he didn’t use them?