Year 10 Homework: Describing a Place

Finish your description and bring it to tomorrow’s lesson. Remember the Golden Rules:

1. It’s not a story, so nothing needs to happen.

2. The more details you include the more imaginative you will hve to be. Imagine you are there and make things up!

3. It’s poetry. (But in prose.) Think about the sounds of the words, the length of the sentences, the pace of the writing.


It’s like a giant plughole in the basin of the world I thought, looking down at the chasm. But without a plug. And dusty. The diamond mine was located in one of the world’s largest deserts – not far from the wadis of Jordan and the Dead Sea. Around the curve of its eastern edge lay a chequerboard of squares, as if etched into the sand by a stick-weilding child on a beach. Inside these squares were the remains of the houses and buildings that had been homes and offices during the mine’s functional days. Like a model village, they lined the criss-cross of roads with mathematical precision. The effect was strange: the regimented alignment of the buildings and the swirling circle of the mine that seemed to move if you let your eyes relax. But the strangest thing about it was not what you could see, but what you couldn’t. Where were the people?

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