How to Write a Brilliant Paragraph

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Here is the Brilliant Paragraph that we wrote this morning:

On the outside, Judge Taylor seems rather informal in Court. He has certain habits that suggest this, such as ‘[propping] his feet up’, ‘[cleaning] his fingernails’ and chewing cigars. From such actions we can infer that Judge Taylor is very relaxed in the Courthouse – treating it almost like a second home. In particular, cleaning his fingernails may be regarded as something very private. It might also suggest that he is distracted, or not listening. Furthermore, he gives the ‘impression of dozing’, which leads us to question if he is even awake! Finally, Harper Lee uses an interesting simile to describe him: ‘looking like a sleepy old shark’. The adjectives ‘sleepy’ and ‘old’ make him appear almost senile, hardly the kind of person who should be in charge of a court of law.

Why it is Brilliant:

1. The opening…

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