Should we force kids to memorise poems? Part 4 – Junk Diet

Upper Sixth: Read this in preparation for our study of Section C of the LITB4 Critical Anthology (Aesthetics) the real.

I want to assert that part of the reason many people may fail to find any joy in poetry, is because the quality of the poetry to which they are exposed has been compromised.  In other words, the poems taught in schools may not be good enough.

I really didn’t like coffee as a child.  I didn’t like eggs much either.  Nor did I like fruit centred chocolates, the kind you get in a box of Roses; or marzipan for that matter.  Today, I love all these things, but only sometimes.

Until I was 20, pretty much the only coffee I’d had was instant.  When tasting freshly ground coffee for the first time, I couldn’t believe the difference!  At 22, I realised I’d still never prepared a fried breakfast myself, and so set out to do so.  Reluctantly I included friend eggs on the list – didn’t particularly want them…

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