The Kite Runner: Final revision session at 1:20 in L38!

Firstly, are you able to use the following terms confidently?


Make sure you are! Use them to answer the following questions:

1. “The Kite Runner is a realist novel.” Discuss Hosseini’s use of realism.
2. “The reader can only identify with the characters because they are essentially Western, rather than Eastern in outlook.” What do you think about this view?
3. Explore the significance of dreams in the novel.
4. “The heavy use of symbolism and narrative techniques in the book detracts from the subtleties of the real situation in Afghanistan” (Megan O’ Rourke). How do you respond to this view of The Kite Runner?
5. How far do you agree that “The Kite Runner explains the political through the personal”? (Edward Hower)
6. To what extent might The Kite Runner be classified as a fable?

See you there. It’s going to be AMAZING.


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