Lines Composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey

Upper Sixth! Read this before Thursday!

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Right now, I’d rather be here:

Anyway, here is the PPT from today’s lesson on this beauteous piece of poesy:


Your annotations for next Friday (3rd)  please.

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LITB3: Ode to Evening

“For Collins, nature provides more food for the spirit than food for the body.”
How far do you agree with this view of Ode to Evening?

1. Personification of Evening as a presence, a person, a living Being.
2. The poem is a hymn, a prayer, a petition to this presence.
3. It suggests the impossibility (or perhaps the difficulties) of capturing and securing a lasting experience of union with this presence.
4. Edmund Burke’s concept of ‘the sublime’ is very helpful in understanding Collins’ spiritual quest: it is a journey in which we experience, simultaneously, both the disturbing, unsettling effect of evening and its calming, soothing presence.

Compare this poem with: Tintern Abbey; Paradise Lost.

The Kite Runner: Final revision session at 1:20 in L38!

Firstly, are you able to use the following terms confidently?


Make sure you are! Use them to answer the following questions:

1. “The Kite Runner is a realist novel.” Discuss Hosseini’s use of realism.
2. “The reader can only identify with the characters because they are essentially Western, rather than Eastern in outlook.” What do you think about this view?
3. Explore the significance of dreams in the novel.
4. “The heavy use of symbolism and narrative techniques in the book detracts from the subtleties of the real situation in Afghanistan” (Megan O’ Rourke). How do you respond to this view of The Kite Runner?
5. How far do you agree that “The Kite Runner explains the political through the personal”? (Edward Hower)
6. To what extent might The Kite Runner be classified as a fable?

See you there. It’s going to be AMAZING.

Robert Frost: Section A part b


As there are no past exam questions about Robert Frost for you to complete as part of your preparations, you will have to do a bit of extra work and consider possible questions that may be in Section A of the exam.

You know what Section A part a will be:

Write about the ways Frost tells the story in One Of The Poems We Have Studied.

Preparing for this part of the exam is relatively straightforward. Re-read the notes we have made in class, and then have a go. Give yourself half an hour. Remember that you are being assessed on your response to language, structure and form, so this part of the exam is all about close reading.

To prepare for Section A part b, you should bear in mind that you will be asked to respond to someone’s opinion of Frost’s poems. The question will be worded something like this:

How far would you agree with the view that…
Some readers think that… How do you respond to this view?
Readers have responded differently to the idea that… How do you respond?
What do you think of the view that…

Clearly, you are being asked to engage in some kind of debate. This requires you to offer more than one point of view. Avoid simply agreeing or disagreeing with the idea that is offered in the question. You should respond to it with a number of different points, which offer different insights.

Have a go at these:

How far do you agree with the view that Frost presents manual labour negatively in his poems?

Some readers consider Nature to be the dominant theme of Frost’s poetry. How do you respond to this view?

‘The most striking quality of Frost’s poems is their power to disturb.”
How do you respond?

What do you think of the view that Frost’s poems resist any one meaning?

What do you consider to be the significance of journeys in Frost’s poetry?

To what extent is it possible to sympathise with the ‘outsiders’ in Frost’s poems?

“In his poems, Frost is chiefly concerned with death, in various shapes and forms.”
What do you think of this view?

If you hand it in by Wednesday I’ll even mark it by Friday…

EYES4U: Design an Advert for Puck’s ‘Love Potion’

EYES4U: £499.99 while stocks last (pun intended.)
EYES4U: £499.99 while stocks last (pun intended.)

Your task is to design an advert for the ‘love potion’ that Puck is sent to find in Act 2 scene 1.

This is to help you REVISE the features of advertising that we learnt about last term. (You will need to learn these for your exam in June.)

Your advert should include:

A slogan
A logo
Statitistics – ‘99.9% success rate!’
Facts – ‘Made from natural ingredients’
Opinions – ‘This product will transform your life’
Superlatives – ‘The most effective love potion available’
Comparatives – ‘Works faster, lasts longer than other potions’
Repetition – ‘Eyes4U’
Rhetorical Questions – ‘Are you looking for love?’
A Special Offer – Free romantic meal for 2 if you buy before midnight!’