How to answer Questions 5 and 6 (Poetry Linked Texts)


Here is the paragraph we wrote today on ‘A Frosty Night’:

5. There are lots of interesting phrases. For example: ‘You looked a ghost or angel’. In this quotation, the words ‘ghost’ and ‘angel’ are opposites. Ghosts are dead, and perhaps threatening, whereas angels are more positive, and protective. Alice is both. Secondly, Graves describes Alice’s heart as ‘fire and snow’. In this quotation the words ‘fire’ and ‘snow’ are also opposites. These words suggest that Alice’s heart is hot and cold – hot perhaps with love (for her lover) and cold for her mother. Furthermore, the imagery of the ‘Stars danc[ing] in the sky’ tells us that this poem has elements of fantasy. In the real world, ‘stars’ do not ‘dance’ in the sky. There is a magical quality to this poem.

6. In this poem, relationships between parents and children are difficult. The mother wants to know what is happening in Alice’s life; Alice wants privacy. The poem suggests that children will not stay young forever. Growing up brings with it tensions and conflict.

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Apostrophe Madness!

Dear Year 10 Geographers,

Have fun adding all the missing apostrophes to this paragraph. There are also some apostrophes that need deleting! Copy and paste it into a Word document. We hope you like it!

When I arrived at my English lesson this morning, I couldnt believe my eye’s! There were only two girl’s in L38. Theyll be really bor’ed, I thought. I cant teach only two girls! I shouldve organised something different for them to do. They wouldnt enjoy what Id set for them. Suddenly, I had a brainwa’ve. Ill get them to write a paragraph with lots of missing apostrophes. Like the one youre reading now. Theyd love that. Theres’ nothing more exciting than writing a paragraph with missing apostrophe’s. WOW! Its the best thing EVER! They wont want to miss out on this! Suddenly, the pho’ne rang. It was Mr. Benson’. He was stuck in 89 with all of year ’10! “I would’nt worry,” I said. “89 is a great year to be stuck in.” The End.