Scrooge’s New Year’s Resolutions

7D’s New Year’s Resoltions for Scrooge:

1. Stop taking and start giving.
2. Contributing to charities to help the poor.
3. Thinking of others instead of himself.
4. Caring less about money and more about people.
5. Stop stressing, start loving.
6. Give money to children in need (orphans or Tiny Tim).
7. Give Bob a payrise.
8. Buy some coal for the office fire.
9. Be cheerful! Smile!
10. Show respect to others.

Perhaps we could all take a leaf out of his book!


4 thoughts on “Scrooge’s New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Hello Ms North! Thank you for letting us read ‘A Christmas Carol’ I read it last year but our teacher read it horribly, you made me realise that reading should have emotion coming out of it! Thank you πŸ™‚

      1. I agree with the anonymous person who said that! You made reading not only enjoyable but exciting!!!! Thank you

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