Christmas at the Cratchits!

1. Who is Martha?

2. Which child is Bob Cratchit carrying?

3. What is wrong with this child?

4. What do three of the children do to help prepare the Christmas dinner?

5. What is the atmosphere like as the family anticipate and then eat Christmas dinner? Choose words and phrases to support your views.

6. What two similes does Dickens use to describe the pudding? Look at the paragraph beginning ‘Hallo! A great deal of steam!’ (p. 72 or 50.) Explain what Dickens meant by using these similes. (Remember: a simile is when you compare two things, using the words ‘like’ or ‘as…. as…’

7. What was put on the fire?

8. Where did the family sit after dinner?

9. What does the ghost see will happen to Tiny Tim in the future?

10. How does Scrooge feel about this? How do you know?

Extension Activity

Imagine you are one of the children. It is bedtime – write your thoughts on the day. Remember to say who you are!


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