GCSE English Language: UNIT 1 revision

Hello! Here are some of the things that you may have said about today’s practice paper:
Emotive words/phrases – ‘risking all to save lives’
Personal pronouns – ‘Will you give them the support’
Rhetorical Questions -‘Will you give them your support today?’
Fact/Opinion – ‘Never thinking of themselves’
Statistics – More than 135,000 lives saved…’
Modal verbs -(can/could/might/may/will/won’t) – ‘Now you can help…’
Anecdotes – ‘Protective clothing saved Robbie Maiden’s life’ (and paragraph below)
Puns/play on language ‘Will you come on board as a member…’
Appeal to reader’s guilt – ‘Please don’t worry, I’m not asking you to risk your life’
Repetition – ‘risk’
Imperative verbs – (commands) ‘you will benefit too’


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