Clever 7D!

The other day I was sorting out some bits in L36, and I came across all the wonderful IRPs (Independent Reading Projects) that have been created over the year by the girls in 7D. I thought to myself how brilliant they were, and how much the world would benefit from seeing them.


Lucia’s ‘The Lost World’

Ahana’s IRPs

Molly’s Powerpoint on Plurals

Ghalia’s Powerpoint Presentation on Plurals

Lydia’s Powerpoint on Plurals

Students’ work includes images taken from the internet which are presented here for purely educational purposes. No copyright infringement is intended. Please contact me at should you wish any of them to be removed.


3 thoughts on “Clever 7D!

  1. miss how do i put a video up on here of my irp? because i have done it on imovie, and i last time it didn’t work, but if you could PLEASE bring your mac book tomorrow that would be great, just incase i don’t figure out another way? please? and i wanted to put it up here so you might hopefully be able to do that thing where you put something up on youtube, but only logged in people can see it, if it’s not too much trouble, and if you have time.
    that would be great!
    thank you!! 😀

    by the way…. this is Katja…

    please read my poem tomorrow?

    PLEASE CAN WE HAVE I.R.Ps NEXT YEAR?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

    by, see you tomorrow!!!


    1. Hi Katja,

      Yes I will bring my laptop. Usually the best thing is if you upload it to youtube yourself, but if you don’t have an account we’ll see what we can do.

      Of course you can read your poem tomorrow.

      I am happy for you to do as many Independent Reading Projects as you like. In fact, I would be delighted for you to do so.

      See you tomorrow!

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