Year 7: What to Revise

Dear Year 7,

Your English exam this year will have two parts: a Reading section and a Writing section.
Here’s what to expect in each section:

Reading (45 minutes)

You will be given an advertisement to write about. You will have to:

* Identify features of the language (rhetorical questions, superlatives, comparatives, etc.)
* Write about specific words and phrases and their effect on the reader.
* Identify features of the design (pictures, layout, fonts, etc.)
* Write about specific features of design and their effect on the reader
* Respond to the advertisement as a whole, paying particular attention to who it is aimed at (the target audience) and how you know.

Writing (45 minutes)

You will be asked to describe a place. You will be given a choice of three places to describe. You must choose one. You will be marked upon your ability to:

* Use ambitious and specific vocabulary.
* Be creative (you may wish to use personification, for example).
* Write in detail – ‘zoom in’ on certain features.
* Use a variety of sentence lengths.
* Use a variety of sentence structures.
* Make use of accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.

How to Revise:

* Make sure you have learnt all the features of advertising from Unit 3 (January/February).
* Do it! Find an advertisement from a newspaper / magazine and highlight the features of language and design.
* Who do you think the target audience is? Write a paragraph identifying the target audience, backing up your points in as much detail as possible.
* Practise describing different places. Give yourself 20 minutes and go! You could describe the seaside, a funfair, or a deserted house…

Three Golden Rules:

1. LESS IS MORE. You should always aim for quality, rather than quantity. Don’t write without thinking. You should take your time, and make sure that the words and phrases you write are brilliant. Don’t worry too much about how many of them there are!

2. CROSS THINGS OUT. It’s ok to cross out (neatly) the words and phrases that aren’t as good as they could be! The best writers in the world do this. It’s impossible to get it perfect first time and you are not being marked on how beautiful your exam paper looks.

3. HAVE FUN. It would be rude and horrid not to.

If you have any further questions about the exam, come and ask me, or e mail


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