Nanny Hawkins

What do you think is the significance of Nanny Hawkins to the novel?

Thoughts below, please…


2 thoughts on “Nanny Hawkins

  1. I think she’s a symbol of the “nursery morality” that Charles and Sebastian love so much. Also, there’s the pastoral concept of ‘return and renewal’ – she is something for Sebastian to return to and renew his childlike view of the world.

  2. She is, essentially, like Aloysius, symbolic of retreat and lost innocence. Sebastian’s attempt to preserve a moment or halt time (in a peter-pan-esque way) to cling onto or recreate the happiness of an idealised childhood (Charles enjoys the ‘nursery freshness’ of his and Sebastian’s life in Oxford). Relevant to the theme of the pastoral because she can be seen to represent the lost golden age or life in a prelapsarian Eden.

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