Brideshead Revisited: Key Quotations Chapter 4

Dear all,

Here are the Key Quotations for Chapter 4 of Brideshead Revisited.

And in other news, Brideshead! The Musical. Which bear from the picture would you cast to play Aloysius in a musical production of Brideshead? Please vote in the poll below.

Voting closes at midnight on Friday. Act now. Their future depends on it.


5 thoughts on “Brideshead Revisited: Key Quotations Chapter 4

  1. i don’t think any of them are really aloysius. they’re not big enough – he has to be substantial enough to hold under Sebastian’s arm. Where are you hiding the real aloysius Ms North?

  2. Now that really would be telling. But remember that Sebastian is of rather reduced frame; he’s so fragile I wonder if he could manage anything much more substantial. The one in the middle, for example, might just about do him in.

    1. I like him. I think he could work. At the moment, they’ve got the same amount of votes each – tough times. Perhaps if there’s no clear winner we could go with your one, bubbles pending. They’ve still got till midnight to vote, though…

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