Aloysius found lurking on the Trophy Shelf!

One young hopeful dares to dream big. Could this be our Aloysius?


Will the ‘real’ Aloysius please stand up? TAKE TWO

Having counted all 6 of the votes, I am afraid we are yet to find our man. Bear.

But I know he’s out there somewhere. Thus:


You have until midnight on Friday (2nd March) to upload a picture of your proposed bear, in the comment box below.

For legal reasons, he (she?) will require a National Insurance Number and a valid work permit. Fluency in the English language is essential; no previous acting experience required.

Readathon launches at More House on Monday!

As part of our celebrations of World Book Day, our Readathon will launch this Monday, 27th February.

You have just over a month to read as much as you can, and get sponsored from kindly friends and family for so doing.

Sponsorship money is due on Friday, 30th March. For more details about vvthe Readathon, and to find out where the money you raise will go, click on the link below.

GCSE English Language and Literature: What to Expect

Dear Year 9,

Welcome to English and Things, a treasure trove of resources and inspiration for you. Hopefully you will find this blog increasingly useful as you study for your GCSEs in English Language and Literature next year.

To kick things off, click on the link below, to access the presentation from tonight’s Options Evening. It gives you an outline of what you will study in years 10 and 11.

GCSE English: What to Expect
Exciting times.

Ms. North