Year 11 Homework: Writing a Letter of Application

A company that runs play-schemes for children in the 3-10 age range is looking to recruit part-time staff for the school summer holidays.
You decide to apply.
Write your letter of application.

The quality of your writing is more important than its length. You should write about
one to two pages in your answer book.

This is due in on Friday (27th Jan).

Remember that you are assessed on your ability to write for a specific purpose, audience and, where appropriate, using a specific format.

In this case, the format is a letter.

The purpose is to present yourself in a favourable light. You will be using some features of persuasive writing.

The audience is a potential employer.

Click here for advice and guidance on this assignment.

It should sound something like this:

Dear Mrs. Staticfeet,

Having been forwarded details of your exciting summer playscheme by the National Youth Training Initiative, I am delighted to apply for the position of part-time Playscheme Worker. I feel that my previous experience in this field would make me an asset to both your team and the children in your care.

My work at the Highbury and Islington Children’s Centre last summer only increased my desire to work with children in the long term. There, I was responsible for…


Good luck!


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