Putting Your Foot Down

The government is proposing to raise the legal speed limit on motorways from 70mph to 80mph.

Watch the clip below:

Sky News

Now read these two newspaper articles:

The Sun

The Guardian

What do you think? Post your comment below or have your say in this poll:


Write your own letter to a national newspaper, either in favour of the proposals or against it.



One thought on “Putting Your Foot Down

  1. We shouldn’t “open a door we cannot close”, as Sir Robert Peel said on the subject of electoral reform – raising the speed limit by 10mph now may result in cars going at 100mph! However, in October my family visited Northumberland and I had my first driving lesson. My driving instructor, presumably trying to see how far he could push me, took me out onto a duel carriageway. Whilst watching the road ahead of us, he told me to overtake the car in front. A few seconds later, he glanced down at my speed dial, paled, and told me I was going at 75 miles per hour.

    I knew. It was fun.

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