A Controversial Competition

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, is proposing to reduce the length of the school summer holidays to four weeks.

Click on the links below to find out more. Then write your own views. You can write anything – a letter, an article, a speech, a rap, or just a comment below.

Some thoughts on this…

Some other thoughts on this…

Some final thoughts on this…

The most interesting and well-written contribution will win a summer holiday in the Bahamas.

Not really. But it will win the next best thing: book vouchers.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “A Controversial Competition

  1. I think Michael Gove has a point because when we come back from the holidays we have forgotten quite a lot. The idea having only 4 weeks of holidays personally isn’t a nice one and for the teachers it must be a lot to ask to work more for the same pay. I think it should be cut only to 5 weeks summer holidays so that teachers wouldn’t be making such an effort for the same pay. I understand that for poor families or families that are unbalanced holidays can be very strainful because the parents need to work and so children in that situation stay at home all day doing nothing or watching tv. This is no good for the children and I think that being at school with your friends and learning things is much funner. So my conclusion is that if summer holidays were cut they should only cut them one week so that it could supply children wth one more week of education and a fun learning environment as well as making sure that the teachers do not have to commit so much as to work for an extra two weeks but instead just one.

  2. Firstly, I have a few things to say to that man! (and Lucia)

    I do NOT think he has a point, because it is not only the teachers, but the children who want their holidays, and for a week the teachers are marking papers, and then they will only get 3 proper weeks of holiday, so it is a bit unfair.
    As for the children, they might need to do home work. For the older girls, they need LONGER to revise for their VERY important exams, and as for the younger ones, we have not seen our families in other countries, and here in London for AGES, since they live separately (which mine do not but for others they might), and they would like to spend one week with each of them.

  3. Dear Mr Gove,

    After taking your reasons for changing the school holidays into consideration, I can only say that I agree with your conclusions for this change. As I’m sure you know, youth crime has always been a problem and I feel that children are encouraged to participate in this kind of behaviour during long, somewhat dull summer holidays. Should it not be an incentive that the break is shortened so less crime will dominate our suburban streets?

    Not every child is lucky enough to go on holiday during the summer break. It is usually the case that their parents have to work,without hiring any proper adult supervision during the holiday and therefore only having cbbc to keep their child company! It is the school’s role to educate our children; however, this overly long break is dissolving the previous studies learnt pre-summer. How can our children progress in their learning when their knowledge is demolished by video games?

    This brings us to the conclusion that your plan to cut the summer holiday by 2 weeks is in effect an advantage for the parents as child care issues will automatically be solved thanks to the shorter holiday. Therefore there is no incentive for parents to stop work on behalf of their bored youngster.

    I only hope you suceed in converting the British schooling system into a 4 week long summer.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lucy Hegarty

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