A Journey to the Moon: Creative Writing


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Please feel free to click on the categories and see some of the booky goings-on in school and London.

Here is your PPT from Monday’s lesson, in case you want to access it to help you with your homework.

Click on the link below:

The Moon

Have fun!

Ms North

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About Ms North

I have a mind myself and recognize Mind when I meet with it in any guise. No one can know how glad I am to find On any sheet the least display of mind. Robert Frost, 'A Considerable Speck'
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2 Responses to A Journey to the Moon: Creative Writing

  1. lucia basterra says:

    Ms North here is my poem. Hope you like it; I’ve changed it a little bit:

    “Hello Neil!
    Finally you managed to visit me.
    I’ve been wandering round for centuries waiting for you humans down on earth to evolve and finally discover me!
    I appreciate you stopping over.
    Oh and thank you for the American flag.
    It wasn’t really what I expected but at least you brought something!
    And you brought yourself.
    Personally that’s the best present I’ve had yet.”

    by Lucia

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